At Business Park 7Poort in Zevenaar, on the edge of the A12 Dutch motorway, is the newest distribution center of logistics service provider Rabelink Logistics and EXIT Toys located, which is active in the sale of outdoor toys. The distribution center has an area of no less than 23,500 m2. This makes it one of the larger warehouses in the area. The exponential growth of EXIT Toys in recent years has ensured that, together with logistics partner Rabelink Logistics, it was decided to move into larger premises in the region. NEDCON provided the storage solution and created space for the storage of more than 30,000 pallets. The possibility exists to expand this number in the future to an availability of 40,000 pallet positions. The speed of realization of this project in particular is characteristic of the collaboration between the three companies.




Properties of this project
  • Pallet rack installed for the storage of bulk goods on pallets
  • 31,000 pallet positions available, with the possibility to expand this to 40,000 positions
  • Uprights equipped with NEDCON Stiffener, to guarantee safety in the warehouse
  • Passages provided with fall-through protection
  • Installation lead-time of only 5 weeks
  • Customer was provided with technical advice on the acceptable load with regard to the existing concrete floor

Fast delivery was one of the spearheads for Rabelink Logistics and EXIT Toys, in connection with goods arriving from abroad. The moment from the request of the project to the start of the installation took place within a period of one month. The subsequent installation had a lead-time of only 5 weeks.

Another spearhead of our customers was to create the safest warehouse possible. Because they settled in an existing building, the question was whether the weights that would be placed in the racks were sufficient for the bearing capacity of the concrete floor. NEDCON has issued technical advice on the acceptable load of this existing concrete floor. To further guarantee safety in the warehouse, the uprights are fitted with the NEDCON Stiffener. In this way, the pallet racks are resistant to collision damage.

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