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Store Expert Logistic este o companie specializata in proiectarea, vanzarea, montarea si service-ul diferitelor sisteme de rafturi metalice.
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Electric stackers represent the ideal equipment when fast transport of goods over long distances is necessary. High load capacity, excellent translational speed, battery capacity and also mobile station for battery change make the electric stacker the best choose for operations with many changes. Also, the stackers are ideal for the situations where the available space is essential. The use of special high resistance steel and the stronger protective covers make from the electric stackers the ideal working partner. In order to be able to choose the best stacker suitable to your needs we invite you to contact our sales team.
The manual stackers sold by Store Expert offers a range of equipment suitable for lifting and carrying loads on pallets or size-standardized containers. Thanks to its light weight, smooth movement and maneuverability, all the manual stackers are an ideal working tool for use on smooth floors and other kinds of surfaces. The stackers could be special done for humid or damp conditions. It is suitable for all applications where high hygienic standards, such as chemical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries, are enforced. In order to be able to choose the best stacker suitable to your needs we invite you to contact our sales team.
The wide range of stackers offered by Store Expert offers to the customers the possibility of a operations variety that can be done both inside and outside, including goods loading and unloading, stacking and picking. The electric stackers sold by our company were designed and improved aiming to increase performance, quality and also comfort, safety, handling and ease of aisles access. Such stackers are especially designed for industrial users who are looking to reduce operational costs with durable equipment resistant to an extended run. Store Expert can offer top products for your requirements and advices in choosing the equipment that best fits your needs.
Store Expert stands by its customers and offers service services and spare parts for all purchased stackers and pallet trucks. Because the service activity is very important for us and also our clients each request is treated seriously and will be solved in maximum 48 hours since it receiving. We perform warranty, post-warranty and to order service for any pallet truck or stacker. Also, Store Expert offers permanent technical evaluation for necessary equipment providing to the customers appropriate storage solutions at a very good price quality ratio.

Store Expert offers a wide range of generators at a producer price:

  • Professional welder generators
  • Professional housing generator
  • Customized generators
  • Portable generators
  • Pressure Washing Machines
  • Lighting equipments
  • Professional welding generators
  • Professional Motopomps
  • Light Towers
  • Professional Trolls